GTI History

  • Forwarding Marine Agency (Formag) was founded in Odessa.
  • Agency Agreement with Bulcon in Ukraine signed.
  • Formag (Kiev) and Formag (Moscow) opened.
  • Formag (Dnepropetrovsk) opened.
    Agency Agreement with MCL in Ukraine signed.
  • MET Odessa opened.
    Agency Agreement with United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) in Ukraine signed.
  • Ukraine and Via Multima Moldova opened.
    Agency Agreement with P&O Nedlloyd in Ukraine and Moldova signed.
    Formag (St. Petersburg) opened.
    Agency Agreement signed
    with Bulcon in Russia,
    with UASC in Russia’s Baltic ports and
    with Ecu-Line in Ukraine.
    Formag Barcelona opened.
  • Agency Agreement with China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) in Ukraine and Russia signed.
  • Formag (Novorossiysk) opened.
  • Agency Agreement with K-Line in Ukraine signed.
    TTL Bulgaria opened.
    Agency Agreement with Maruba shipping company in Ukraine signed.
  • GTI Headquarter established and Equinox opened.
    Formag (Ekaterinburg) and Formag (Baku) opened.
    TFT (Istanbul) opened.
    TTL (Romania) opened.
    Agency Agreement with NYK in Bulgaria and Romania signed.
  • Agency Agreement with CSCL in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan and with K-Line in Russia signed.
    MET (St. Petersburg), MET (Bulgaria) and MET (Moscow) opened.
    Formag (Georgia) opened.
    Via Mutima (Bulgaria) opened.
  • Formag (Bremen), Formag (Vostochny), Formag (Alma Aty), Formag (Ilyichevsk), Formag (Tallinn), Formag (Samara) opened.
    TTL (Shenzhen, China) opened.
  • Start of purchasing of own trucks in Ukraine.
  • TTL trucking fleet is 75 units.
  • SRS Russia (Novorossyisk) opened.
  • WHL agancy agreement in Russia (Novorossiysk) signed.
  • Formag India (Mumbai) opened.
  • UASC Agency agreement signed in Georgia.