Content management systems or CMS allow easy administration of your site’s contents without the assistance of specialists. You can update the information using the web interface at your convenience. Our studio has developed a proprietary system, that works along the ideas of “I came, I saw, I updated”. So, without further ado, give your warm welcome to the...

content management system

Mart CMS

This is not a site construction tool, it’s more of an individual solution for your site management needs, adapted to your news page, product catalog, gallery or any other structured section. Not only does the system work on with sections with a well-defined structure, but it also allows adding and editing of simple text pages, such as your basic “about”, “services”, and “contact” pages.

Using the modern text editor to manage the text itself and add images, tables, video and other media is as easy as doing it in an ordinary word processor.

Demo version

To activate admin mode press “Ctrl+Enter” on any site page and use the word “demo” for both login and password.

Show us your admin panel

Usually, content management systems are implemented as a certain closed section of the main site, the so-called “admin panel”, a kind of a “site back-end” where changes and updates to the “outer” side are made. Mart CMS is different from these systems as it has no distinct admin page. The administrator can update the site while browsing it as an ordinary user while admin mode is on. There is no need to enter any special back-end section of the site. In admin mode the site looks normally, with the exception of certain controls that are used for site management. This allows the administrator to see the changes he makes to the pages as soon as the update is submitted. Admin mode can be activated from any site page.

Full edit and quick edit

Every piece of the site’s content is managed using the same basic idea. Whatever section you are in, you can always select whatever objects you need, edit, delete, or simply deactivate them. Naturally, at any time you can add a new entry (news object, article, catalog item, image). In admin mode there’s a special button for each of these items that invokes the “full edit” form for the existing or newly created object.

However, besides the “full edit”, Mart studio’s content management system offers another option. It is possible to edit the objects on the fly using the “quick edit” system in admin mode. When the cursor goes over an editable object, the object is highlighted and a click turns it into an edit field. As the updates are confirmed or cancelled the edit field turns back into the site object.

Drag and Drop

Sometimes changes to the information objects like news, articles, goods, and images are not enough and it is necessary to change the information structure both inside certain sections and site-wide. For instance, you may need to add a new section or delete one of the existing sections. For such cases a special “information tree” is used. It is actually very simple to use. You see your site map, and there you can easily add, remove, or edit any section or subsection. Also, using the drag-and-drop technology you can move whole site branches from one place to another. The same principle can be applied to the management of the structure of such sections as “product catalog” or “gallery”.

To see it and love it

It can be a long story telling about Mart studio’s content management system. But a picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. We suggest you try the system in action. We have created a demonstration site with a number of different sections and filled it with sample data to reflect a typical internet presence of a corporate entity.

demo version

The site can be reached at:

To activate admin mode press Ctrl+Enter on any site page and use the word demo for both login and password.

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