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We know everything about developing quality internet sites. That’s because for the last 13 years web site design is our life’s passion. We offer solutions that are pleasant and convenient to use every day.

Website creation

Website creation is our studio’s main focus. Since 2004 we have developed and implemented 200 web sites already. All of them can be seen in our portfolio, and some are featured right here:

If you’re interested in having your internet site designed professionally, our English-speaking representative is ready to answer your questions by phone (+380-48-737-37-05) on working days at 11:00-19:00/GMT+2 or by e-mail at info@mart.com.ua.

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Still uncertain? Ask our clients! Many of them have left written reviews of our work, which you can see here:

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Price and development time of a site design project

Many clients who approach us to get a site developed are usually interested to find out the cost first. But evaluating the price of a site design project is a complex and important matter. Individual approach is our chief principle. Therefore, at this moment we can’t tell you exactly how much a site for your company will cost.

We don’t declare groundless prices and abstract development times. Neither do we sell templates and inferior quality products.

To find out the development time and price for a particular site, contact us. The easiest start would be to contact us by e-mail. We also have an English-speaking representative who can be reached by phone (+380-44-233-66-35) on working days at 11:00-19:00/GMT+2. Let us know what company you represent, and what goals you intend your site to fulfill. After a brief discussion of specific details we’ll tell you exactly what we can offer, at what price and in what time.

Also, you can order a web site by filling out the form on this page. In this case we’ll contact you ourselves, get all the necessary details and give you a quote.

Accelerated development or a site in a day

Sometimes it happens that you need you site here and now. It may not be big and complicated, but its deadline passed yesterday. Today our technologies, management and the sheer amount of qualified specialists in our team allow us to take on these interesting and difficult tasks.

What’s requires to make this work?

To give you a guaranteed result, there are obviously some common sense conditions:

  • Before we begin, you give us your site structure as well as texts and graphics. These materials need to be ready for publishing — they will not be edited.
  • It’s assumed that you already have some corporate identity or advertising material. Site design will be based on that material, and no new concept will be developed.
  • We supply you only with the final product. There will be no revisions and intermediate versions.
  • You make a 100% advance payment.

Free internet sites

They say our sites are not the cheapest. Yes, we take pride in our work and price it accordingly. Yet in some cases we do make internet sites for free. In this case we’ll let you know ourselves.

A few more words on working for free

We never take part in unpaid design tenders. We don’t make drafts on a “you pay us if you like it” basis. We have a portfolio page instead. Looking at the portfolio and asking a few questions is usually enough to confirm your choice of a developer.

Just the design
or just the programming

Usually we provide turnkey site development solutions. We believe this is the right thing, because such approach allows us to control the quality of the product on all stages of its development. Yet sometimes the only thing the client needs is the design template, entrusting the programming tasks to its company’s IT department. In such a case we can give a quote just for the design of the site and leave the programming tasks to the client.

The opposite case is also possible. The client already has a site designed, but needs someone to program the site and fill it with data. If the design is adequate, we can undertake such a project as well. For this we have an excellent solution — our content management system Mart CMS.

Types of internet sites

Corporate site

A corporate web site is an internet site of an enterprise, a company or an organization. Such a site usually contains the company’s history, organizational structure, contact information, list of services provided and possibly a product catalog.


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